Ultimate guide on Online Shopping(Pakistan)

With the new wave of online shopping across the globe, Pakistan is not far behind. Online stores are no doubt, the best way to shop products from the comfort of your own house. With quick and easy delivery, multiple brands to choose from and loads of products, online shopping stores are essential and have become more like a need.

If you are looking for an online store that sells electronics in Pakistan, this is the best guide that would help you choose the best products from one of the best shopping platforms.

The element of online shopping that is everyone’s favourite is the ease of making a complete purchase. How many times have you been to multiple stores, searching for the desired product where you were too frustrated and tired by the end to make a decision? Let’s accept it, sitting in your couch at home while swiping through a variety of products is the best way to make a decision about a purchase, not only does it allow you to dig deep the features but also helps you search for products based on your price range and numerous other categories.

If you are looking for an online shopping website that sells electronic appliances, the regular day to day appliances, starting from Dryer, Straightener, Shaver, Blender, Mixer, Iron too, LED Floodlights, Solar energy Solar Panel in Pakistan, StMart Online Shopping will be a great destination.

The store has a number of products that you should be able to choose from. Whether you are looking for makeup, personal care, perfumes or other home appliances. The shopping platform has got you covered. You can easily choose your desired products and order them.

Making the right choice!

Now, the choice to buy a product is hard sometimes, especially when it comes to so many brands to choose from. Isn’t it overwhelming?

But with the right display of categories, features and price data to process, the decision-making process is simplified quite a lot.

Here we cover all the electrical appliances, Personal care, Makeup and DIY Tools you can find on the Stmart Online Shopping Store. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Electric chargers & batteries

The list of chargers and batteries on our website is long, brace yourself for so much to chose from. You will surely be able to find the right product you are looking for.

The list includes:

  • 10A Super Battery Charger
  • 20A Battery Charger for Heavy Battery
  • 20A Sub-Battery 12v 18Ahper Battery Charger
  • Battery 12v 12Ah Long Power Vietnam
  • 60A Battery Charger For 200A Battery
  • Battery Charger 10A For Volta Osaka Phoenix AGS Dry
  • Battery Sogo 6v 4.5Ah
  • Led Rechargeable Emergency Flashlight Solar
  • Battery 6v 4.5Ah
  • Battery 6v 7Ah Lido
  • Battery 4volt 800mah
  • Battery 12v 7Ah Long Power Vietnam
  • Battery 4volt 400mah

LED Lights and Bulbs

Who can ignore the importance of an LED bulb which saves your energy consumption and as a result cuts down your electricity bill? Electricity consumption can also be reduced by the use of solar batteries and lights around the house that run on solar energy which is completely free. This way you will be able to save the cost you were to spend on regular electricity, you would have to pay the bill for.

  • Bulb Mosquito Insect Trap Killer 2 N 1
  • DC Solar Led light Bulb China
  • Led Bulb 12V Solar Battery
  • Led Burger Light 12v Solar Battery
  • Led Camping Light 12v Solar Battery
  • Led Driver Power Supply Converter 20Watt
  • Led light Chip 60Watt 12v Solar Battery
  • Led Light Chip 60Watt Solar Battery
  • Led Rechargeable Emergency Flashlight Solar
  • Pack of 100 12W LED Chip Direct AC 220V
  • Pack of 50 12W LED Chip Direct AC 220V
  • Rechargeable Emergency Light HG-400B
  • Rechargeable Led Bulb
  • RGB Led Light Color Changing 5M

Heating and Cooling Appliances

  • AC DC Ceiling Fan 56″ Remote White
  • Champion Fan DC Battery 3 N 1
  • Electric Heater Energy Saver 2 Rod with Adjustable Room Thermostat
  • Electric Heater Energy Saver 2 Rod with Adjustable Room Thermostat
  • Electric Rod Water Heater Rod 1500w
  • Fan Heater with Dual Thermal Control & Cooling Fan
  • Fan Heater with Dual Thermal Control & Cooling Fan
  • Gas Sucking Pump Sui gas Machine
  • Geyser Thermostat Rod Water Heater Thermostat
  • Water Heating Rod Portable DC Solar Car Battery 12v Heater
  • Solar Ceiling fan Remote AC DC Remote Control Battery
  • Water Heating Rod Portable DC Solar Car Battery 12v Heater
  • Champion Fan DC Battery 3 N 1

Irons and steamers

  • Dry Iron Panasonic 2.2Kg Golden Plate
  • Iron DC Solar Battery 12v 150Watt
  • Iron DC Solar Battery Heavy Duty
  • Panasonic Iron Heavy Duty 1000Watt
  • Steam Iron Panasonic
  • Steam Iron Sharp

Juicers and Blenders

The juicers and blenders are a staple of kitchen appliances. Their importance cannot be ignored. A good quality blender around the house can make things too easy if you want to make the perfect smooth stew!

Even if you are going to the gym or picnic and would like to have fresh juice there. A rechargeable hand blender can do wonders. All you would have to do is a slice in some fruity and press the button. Few whirls and your delightful juice is ready.

  • Electric Juicer Rechargeable Blender Mixer 380Ml
  • Juicer Blender Grinder 3 N 1
  • Hand Blender Mixer Nikai
  • Hand Mixer Blender Kenwood 7 Speed
  • Juicer Blender Grinder 2 N 1 Solar Battery



  • Kettle Car Battery Solar DC 0.5 Liter
  • Kettle Car Battery Solar DC 1 Liter
  • Kettle Scarlett 2Litre 220v

Toasters and Sandwich Makers


  • Phillips Sandwich Maker Toaster 800W Black
  • Toaster Sandwich Maker Spokane

Shaver’s and Trimmers

  • Kemei Hair Beard Trimmer Shaver Machine
  • Men Micro Trimmer Facial Nose Nick Remover Green
  • Nose Ear Hair Trimmer Machine
  • Rechargeable Shaving Machine Nose Trimmer Clipper
  • Rechargeable Shaving Machine Trimmer Clipper
  • Shaving Machine Grooming Kit 7 N 1 Km580
  • Shaving Machine Hair Trimmer and Clipper Beard Cutter Km-7055
  • Shaving Machine Hair Trimmer Km-7055
  • Nose Ear Hair Trimmer Machine


You could be looking for something that makes a perfect gift for a lady. If that’s the case, here is a list of items, she would love to get!

Even if you are looking for nice products to add to your beauty essentials. The waterproof liner and a good mascara never go out of style!

  • Eyeliner Liquid Waterproof
  • Eyeliner Liquid Waterproof Mac
  • Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Kit Naked 2 Urban Decay
  • Highlighter Final Touch 5 N 1
  • Huda Liquid Lipstick Matt
  • Loreal Primer Face Base Oil-Free

Hair Dryer

  • Hair Dryer Braun BR11-25 2 heating blower speed
  • Hair Dryer Foldable
  • Hair Dryer Foldable

Hair Straightener

  • Hair Straightener Shinon 3 N 1 Roller Curler

Perfumers (Home)

  • Black Market Perfume fragrance 100ML
  • Dirham Perfume fragrance 50ML
  • Perfume Tiger White 100Ml
  • Sabya Perfume fragrance 50ML
  • Tiger White Perfume fragrance 100Mlfume fragrance 50Ml
  • Sultan Perfume fragrance 50Ml



After a hectic day, you might be feeling too awful and tired. For easing the cramping in your muscles or relieving that strain from sitting too much in an uneasy posture, here is an affordable massager. To take away the whole day’s weariness. Suffering from tech neck? Get a massager.

  • Massager Dolphin

Solar Panels

  • Solar Diode Box Solar Panel box
  • Solar Panel 10Watt 12v
  • Solar Panel 30Watt 12v
  • Solar Panel 3Watt 12v
  • Solar Panel 80Watt 12v

Solar Street Lights

  • 100W LED Flood Light Ac Outdoor Garden Security Spotlight
  • Solar Street Lamp Light 30Watt Waterproof CL110
  • Spotlight Floodlight DC 50W Solar Battery
  • Spotlight Led Floodlight 10W DC Solar Battery
  • Spotlight Led Floodlight 30W
  • Spotlight Led Floodlight 30W DC Solar Battery
  • Spotlight Led Floodlight 50W

LED Lights

How many times have you been stuck in the dark due to electric failures? It is very common. And this is why a handy LED light that is durable, rechargeable and portable will be an incredible aid so that you find your way.

  • Led Car Motorcycle Fog Strip Light
  • Led Driver Power Supply Converter 20Watt
  • Led Driver Power Supply Converter 50Watt
  • Led Fog Strip Light Car Motorcycle
  • Led Fog Strip Light Car Motorcycle
  • Led Headlight Torch
  • Led Rechargeable Emergency Flashlight Solar
  • Led Strip Decoration light 5M
  • Led Strip Light 5M With Remote Control Color Change
  • Led Strip Light Car Battery DC 3M
  • Pack of 4 Bulbs 12V Solar Battery
  • Rechargeable Emergency Light HG-400B

DIY Tools

Every now and then we find ourselves struggling to do a small operation. Whether it be tightening a small screw or glueing a fixture. This is why, you need screwdrivers, glue guns and repair sets, which you can find at astonishingly lower prices. Other appliances included in this category are Solar calculators and Gas sucking pumps etc. which are a must in every house these days.

Planning on buying a new set of pliers because the older one is too bent and useless for the job? Find it here for a bargain.

  • 31 n 1-Universal Magnetic Screwdriver Kit Yellow
  • Alarm Clock Temperature Humidity Weather HTC-1
  • Calculator Dual Solar Power Citizen 14bit Display
  • Cutter Pliers Tools Xinmin 6″
  • Gas Sucking Pump Suigas Machine
  • Glue gun 60Watt with 2 Glue sticks
  • Glue Gun 80Watt Big
  • Glue Gun With 3 Glue Sticks 60w
  • Glue Stick for Glue Gun 1 Pcs
  • Mobile Screwdriver Repair Set
  • Mosquito Net Baby Net
  • Shaving Machine Cell AAA 1000Mah 2×Pcs
  • Weight Scale Hook Digital Scale 50Kg

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